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2D Animation Reels bundle

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SaaS Growth kit

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[1743+ places to promote your startup]

you can launch your startup in this list of 1743+ places where you can promote your startup and get the first 1000 users.

what you get

✔️ 75+ platforms to launch your startup

✔️ 170+ AI directories to promote your Saas.

✔️ 180+ communities to promote your Saas.

✔️ 200+ startup directories for promotions.

✔️ 200+ podcasts to promote your Saas

✔️ 240+ guest posting opportunities(+email)

✔️ 600+ AI/ tech youtube channels(+ email)

✔️ 1100+AI/ tech newsletters (+ email)


✔️1000+ VC investors contacts ( with their investment preferences )

✔️ 500+ chatgpt prompts to grow your saas startup.

✔️ 200+ AI startup businesss ideas

✔️ 40+ upcoming saas events to promote your tool.

✔️ 48+ subreddit which you can duplicate and use it for your launch.

✔️ 100+ product hunt creators and hunters on twitter to follow

✔️ 20+ saas launch examples

✔️ 200+ tools for saas founders

✔️life time access to the whole data base

✔️very detailed tips for leveraging acquisition channels

✔️ and a lot more!!!!!

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